Centillion Networks has an array of products to support field engineers, both at the survey & construction stages.

Paperless Field Survey (PFS)

PFS is a next generation digital field survey tool developed by Centillion Networks aimed at minimizing surveyor’s paperwork, time, cost & iterations; maximizing quality & accuracy. PFS can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or can be customized based on user's requirement.

Features of the product:

  • Automated field data collection
  • Assistance in preparing engineering drawings
  • Ability to visualize site conditions
  • Input to AutoCAD & GIS Platforms
  • Integration with GNSS receiver
  • Customization of legends & icons
  • Quick & Accurate Survey
  • Export data in XML format
  • Append Audio, Video & Photo files
  • PDF/Google Map background
  • Multi-lingual interface