Centillion Networks has an array of products to support field engineers, both at the survey & construction stages.

Ropoli - Hand-Held LiDAR

The Ropoli hand-held LiDAR by Centillion provides a portable, flexible solution for on-the-spot data collection. Designed for ease of use and high precision,Ropoli is ideal for detailed inspections and mapping in confined or complex environments where mobility and accessibility are key.

This hand-held device is perfect for pole inspections, interior mapping, archaeological studies, and detailed structural analysis. Its compact design allows users to capture high-resolution 3D data in real-time, making it an excellent choice for industries requiring quick and accurate measurements without requiring extensive setup or large equipment.

  • Easy to operate
  • Upload data on the go
  • 1.2 million points
  • 24MP Imagery
  • 9 lbs. – lightweight and user-friendly
  • Capture in 4-5 seconds

Paperless Field Survey (PFS)

PFS is a next generation digital field survey tool developed by Centillion Networks aimed at minimizing surveyor’s paperwork, time, cost & iterations; maximizing quality & accuracy. PFS can be delivered ‘off the shelf’ or can be customized based on user's requirement.

Features of the product:

  • Automated field data collection
  • Assistance in preparing engineering drawings
  • Ability to visualize site conditions
  • Input to AutoCAD & GIS Platforms
  • Integration with GNSS receiver
  • Customization of legends & icons
  • Quick & Accurate Survey
  • Export data in XML format
  • Append Audio, Video & Photo files
  • PDF/Google Map background
  • Multi-lingual interface